Integritour visit Mama Sarah Obama

Blog post from Patricia, Customer Service Executive, Integritour, who recently conducted an Integritour field trip to Kogelo, to meet with Obama’s grandmother, Mama Sara Obama,  at her home.

What a lovely lady! The moment I saw her I thought of my grandmother!

I live in Kisumu but I had never thought of going to Barack Obama’s grandmother’s place.  I has assumed Kogelo was a palace and that Sara Obama was living a queen’s life but I was surprised to meet a humble, loving and welcoming granny in a normal, typical rural homestead.

We welcome Integritour guests  to come with us to meet the great lady herself.   We have pre-arranged our protocol so as to respect the security of her compound and of course, Mama Sara’s privacy (she is an elderly lady, and can understandly tire of uninvited guests turning up on her doorstep!). As such, please let us know 24-48 hours in advance should you wish us to take you on a tour to Kogelo and Mama Sara.

A tour to Kogelo takes half a day, but can be combined with other Integritour tours including Rusinga Island and Kit Mikayi.  Stop offs at the equator road marker can also be arranged as part of this tour.

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