Gearing up for the Mighty Lake Victoria Boat Race

Written by Customer Service Executive, Patricia Ouko.

“I know the women will not show up for the hits,” is what one of the committee members said when we were at the stakeholders meeting preparing for the boat race but the Kisumu women proved him wrong.

On the 1st October,  Kisumu city was celebrating World Habitat Day and the preliminaries were held at the picturesque lakeside venue of  Hippo Point.  If you happened to arrive at the venue at the allotted time, you would have been discouraged because there was only a tent and a few KWS staff –  not a sign of any participants.   But as of the ‘Kenyan clock’, the tables turned around by 11:00am and attendees started arrived in huge numbers.

The cheering boat squads took  to the lake and their paddling with might and gusto and I was very encouraged by the women who exceeded the required number until some were left out.   I ran up and down writing down the participant’s names and numbers who will participate in the main boat race event at the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary on the 26th of November until someone thought I was working for the press.

Lake Victoria Kisumu Boat Race Preparations

I am so excited about the boat race and am really looking forward the rest of the hits which will take place at Luanda Kotieno on the 19thOctober and on the 21st we are taking the hits to Usenge Beach.  I have always longed for  Kisumu city  to have a signature and our signature will be the boat race, am really looking forward the rest of the hits and the main event come the 26th November at the Impala Park.

Integritour is proud to be one of the organizers of the boat race and are offering a 2-3 day package including the boat race in Western Kenya.  All are invited on the 26th of November at the impala for the boat race – won’t youy come and see which beach will take the trophy home?

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One Response to Gearing up for the Mighty Lake Victoria Boat Race

  1. Jane says:

    This was fantastic idea! You gave me a great tip what would be a fun in Diani beach! I can imagine a number of boats which could involved in a boat race. This could be so much fun! I wonder if there was some video done during this event? If yes, can you provide a link please?

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