A Day in Village Life

Kenya Homestead Village TourA Day in the Life of a Luo Village  (Full day tour. Mon-Fri)

Spend a day immersing yourself in the daily life of a typical, rural village.

Meet the people, visit their homes and learn about their daily routine, plus see first hand the good work of a local NGO that serves the village and many 100s of outlying homesteads. Day Trip elements include, but are not limited to:

  • Visit the local medical centre and meet with some of the community health workers
  • Take a stroll through the rice-fields and subsistence farms
  • Visit a typical local homestead and meet with local villagers
  • Learn how to eat a typical Luo lunch with the young orphans at the local orphan feeding centre.   e) Observe a school lesson in class (day dependent)
  • Wander around the town market (day dependent)
  • Learn about some of the sustainable, revenue-generating projects being initiated in the area.

Profits from this tour are shared with the NGO which operates the local health centre, and co-funds the orphan-feeding centre.   Please ask us should you wish to find out more or contribute to the good work done in this region

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