Customer Testimonials

All our guests are invited to fill out customer-feedback forms post their experience with Integritour.  We take customer feedback very seriously  and continually strive to improve our service and products.   Our tours average a 9/10 rating from customers and here are just a few comments from some of our happy customers.


My group was very satisfied with the tour. Emanuel, our driver, was very knowledgeable, personablea nd made our experience one we will never forget… (Danielle)

Having our Alex as our guide was our highlight. He customized the day according to our preference, stopped at best photo spots and made us be the only persons to see the cheetah on Friday… (Julia)

Having a private Van and an experienced driver made all the difference for seeing great wildlife (Sophie O’Conner)

It was all wonderful… (Elizabeth)

The whole thing was a highlight… (Katherine)

BEST OF KISUMU DAY TOUR/ Day break on Lake Victoria

Too many to single out one.  ‘Waking the birds….’ and seeing the sun come out was outstanding. (Praese)

… being so close to the hippos and African Fish Eagle (Leo)

Sunrise in the lake was beautiful (Nicholas)

Breakfast in the lake was beautiful, very special experience…. (Natalia)

Very knowledgeable guide… (Diane)


Rain forest trek, picnic in the heart of the forest, butterfly farm- completely new experience and the lovely social interaction with the locals. (Clive)

Both the treks were great, the flying squirrels and birds and Monkeys. (Stuart)

It was all great (Henrik)

It was all fantastic. Beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and all explained tour by personable, professional and knowledgeable staff. (Kelly)


Birds Island by boat was wow, boar roaring ferry… plus exotic and refreshing lunch site (Pease Family)

Highlights are impossible to say. It’s a combination of things seeing beautiful things and peaceful area. (Peter)


The tour guide was very knowledgeable and made it very interesting (Alice)


View from the top is fantastic… (Rami)


Visiting the tea factory was amazing, I loved the taste of the tea leaves and the real tea. (Clive)

The guide was wow, a morning tour of the plantation was great and hotel was great. (Melanie)


Tour was nice, the guide knew a lot about birds, fish, trees and the environment (Ger)