Kakamega Butterfly Tour

Kakamega Rain Forest TourKakamega – the Ultimate African Jungle Experience (Full day tour – All days)

Cast off those African stereotype images of savannah, acacia trees and lions and immerse yourself in Kenya’s ultimate eco-experience:  deepest, darkest, greenest, tropical rain forest.

Spend a day walking the trails of this, the last section of lush, tropical rainforest in Kenya which once covered most of this region.    Watch monkeys crashing about in the canopy overhead, learn about the medicinal value of the indigenous trees and swing on the many vines, all the while taking care not to stand across the pathways of the menacing safari ant.  Stop off at the crashing rapids of the River Yala as it forces its way through the overgrown jungle and learn about the conservation work of a local community group.

After a packed lunch, your choice of afternoon activity:  Either a 1 hour trek up to the highest point of the park for stunning views across the forest, or enjoy an afternoon visit to a nearby village to the home of a local butterfly ‘farmer’ to learn more about his trade.

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