Kericho Tea Plantations

Kericho Tea Plantation TourRoaming the Team Plantations of Kericho (Full day tour –All days)

Spend an invigorating day roaming the rolling hills of bright green tea-estates around Kericho.  Meet the pickers, watch the end-to-end process at a local factory and relax in the tranquil gardens of a local arboretum.

From Kisumu, it’s a 90 minute drive through hills and villages up to Kericho – a small, friendly hill town, set amongst acres and acres of lime-green tea-fields.    Start your tour with a guided stroll around the tea plantations learning about this age-old industry, and getting a glance into the community lives of the workers.    If you’re lucky, you can meet a few and watch them picking (sometimes as much as their body weight in one day!)  Lunch is spent in the tranquil setting of the colonial-style Tea Hotel – overlooking their colourful gardens and with lovely views of the surrounding plantations – before moving on to a local factory to learn more about the end-to-end process from picking to packaging and export.

After the factory, there’s time for a drive around the plantations and a stop-off at a pretty, peaceful arboretum for a soda before making your way back to Kisumu.

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