Surviving The Slum

Nyalenda Kisumu Slum Tour 1Surviving the Slum:  Nyalenda- Health, Education & Optimism  (Half day– Mon to Fri)

Nyalenda is the second largest slum in Kenya and home to thousands of families living on or below the poverty line.  HIV, poor sanitation and joblessness are chronic issues for Nyalenda requiring immediate attention.

A brief, guided stroll through the muddy lanes of the slum will bring this home to you, prior to your arrival at a charity-run local health centre and a school for orphans, located in the heart of Nyalenda.  Here you will learn about some of the challenges of life in the slum, but also the great work being done to alleviate conditions and increase overall standards of living in the community.   Meet with medical staff to hear about the strides being made in HIV testing, counselling and group-support and spend time at the school, meeting the children, chatting with their teachers and observing a typical lesson.

Profits from this tour are shared with the local health centre and school for orphans.   Please consult us directly us should you wish to find out more or contribute to the good work done in Nyalenda.

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