Village Industry Tour

Traditional Village Industry Tour  (Full day tour.  Mon-Fri)

Step back in time on this one day tour of the villages, cottage industries and beautiful countryside, around the shores of Lake Victoria.

Meet local children and observe a lesson at a village nursery school.  Drop in on two village community groups for weaving and pottery, meet the workers and enjoy demonstrations of their ancient, traditional handicrafts.    Take a stroll through the village of Kanyadhiang for a glimpse into daily life, pausing by the grave of Barack Obama’s grandfather before enjoying refreshments with the women’s group back at the weaving centre.

Enjoy a picnic lunch at Simbi Crater Lake, (where you may be lucky enough to see flocks of flamingos mid-migration), before travelling on to Kisii to visit the famous Kisii soapstone workshops and perhaps indulge in a spot of craft shopping…

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