Why Western Kenya?

Western Kenya is one of the poorest and yet most beautiful parts of Africa.  Whilst Kenya is popular for high-end safari and beach, Western Kenya, Kisumu (the largest city in the region),  Lake Victoria and the surrounding valleys remain a hidden gem -  hardly visited, and with tourists currently under-served due to chronic underinvestment in the region over many years.

Western Kenya is not necessarily the easiest place to travel (poor roads, few tourists and occasionally ‘tired’ accommodation), but it is without a doubt the most beautiful- and of course a lower-cost alternative destination for a new breed of travellers to Kenya; those seeking to discover the real, raw Africa, but via a reputable, safe travel provider.

This region is the perfect destination for you if you’re seeking

  • Adventure
  • A less expensive Kenyan experience
  • Diverse natural beauty from lake to mountain, jungle to tea plantation
  • Off-the-beaten-track experiences
  • The opportunity to meet real Kenyans in their homes and communities
  • Richer bird-life that you can possibly imagine
  • Education on some of the critical issues facing Africa today
  • An opportunity to help alleviate some of these issues for the long-term

This region is probably not for you if you absolutely can’t do without

  • Luxury, air conditioned, squeaky-clean accommodation (you can get 4 & 5*, they’re just rare…)
  • Spotless, Western toilets! (although we do our very best to find these for you!)
  • A totally insect-free environment! (mosquito nets and repellent only protects so far.  Ensure you’re protected from malaria before you travel)
  • Smooth travel by road (we term it ‘massage by pot hole’)
  • Fine wine and gourmet cuisine (just sayin’ is all…)

The region has suffered from years of chronic under investment in its infrastructure and industries and as such, suffers from poor roads, occasional power black-outs and worse, high poverty levels and high rates of HIV infection.  This is real Africa – warts and all, but also beauty, charm and warmth.   Beautiful sunsets, smiling children running after you to shake your hand, avocados the size of your head, exciting thunderstorms, green, lush countryside and so much more.

Come and experience.  Come and learn.  Make a difference by choosing Western Kenya and helping to revitalize this part of Africa.   Do it with Integritour and not only will you go home a broader-minded person with totally unique travel experiences, but we promise your money will directly contribute to the economic growth of this region.